Sermons Recordings

Here you can listen / download some of the sermons, which has been preached in our church

We would like to encourage you that you follow the example of the people in the ancient Berea, and study for yourself the Scripture daily to verify whether what you are hearing is true and if so to receive it “with all readiness of mind”, as it is written for them:

…they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Acts 17:11


23.11.2019Church of Dead People
Dr. Rivelino Montenegro
30.11.2019Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at Hand!
Lynyrd Singque
14.12.2019The Sleep of the Just
Pr. Abraham Rangel Flores
21.12.2019The Original and Copy
Alexander Rasch
28.12.2019Transformed Minds
Dr. Kwaku Arhin-Sam
25.01.2020Important Reminders for the Journey
Pr. Keo Rivera
01.02.2020The Question Marks of Life
Marina Linet
08.02.2020Heavy Idols
Dr. Rivelino Montenegro
15.02.2020Your Sin Will Find You Out
Pr. Abraham Rangel Flores
22.02.2020The Religion of Sand
Azeze Hagos
04.01.2020Let Healing Take Place
Dr. Rivelino Montenegro
18.01.2020Boyond Comfort Zones
Dr. Kwaku Arhin-Sam
28.03.2020I'm a Worm
Dr. Rivelino Montenegro
11.04.2020The Lamb of God
Dr. med. Abraham Oppong-Nti
18.04.2020Eschatological Thoughts on This Crisis
Pr. Abraham Rangel Flores
25.04.2020Elijah and the Prevailing Spirit of our Time
Azeze Hagos
07.03.2020Living a Life in Abundance
Pr. Mircea Riesz
16.05.2020Surrender Everything to Jesus
Lynyrd Singque
23.05.2020Seeing Life from God's Perspective
Marina Linet
06.06.2020Illusion of a Perfect Family
Dr. Rivelino Montenegro
20.06.2020The Other Beatitudes
Pr. Abraham Rangel Flores
27.06.2020Give It All
Dr. Kwaku Arhin-Sam
11.07.2020The Mystery of Life
Dr. med. Abraham Oppong-Nti
18.07.2020Beasts & Renegades
Pr. Lael Caesar
25.07.2020The Articles of the LORD's House
Azeze Hagos
01.08.2020Self Restrain, Self Control
Pr. Colin Stewart
08.08.2020We Must Pray for Each Other
Lynyrd Singque
22.08.2020When Jesus Ended It
Dr. Jemuel Abe Frias
29.08.2020The Truth Will Make You Free
Pr. José Antonio Llorca
05.09.2020The Chronological Order of the Events Around the Resurrection of Jesus
Alexander Matei
12.09.2020In Love? I Want You!
Stephanie Moeller-Singque
26.09.2020The Old Violin
Pr. Emmanuel Danso
15.08.2020Take up His Cross
Pr. Vlatko Gagic
03.10.2020Walking on The Way With The Way
Azeze Hagos
10.10.2020Sara Salazar-Winter
Sara Salazar-Winter
17.10.2020Scandalous Salvation
Dr. Rivelino Montenegro

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W.D. Frazee was a gospel medical evangelist. He founded a faith ministry known as Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute in 1942. He was a teacher and lecturer who taught medical missionary and Bible classes. The over 1,600 recordings of his sermons and classes and his books provided him with a way to continue to preach present truth. Even many years after his decease in 1996 he continues to preach powerful messages through his books and recordings that challenge, encourage and inspire people to this day. It is the prayer of all the staff at W.D. Frazee Sermons that this web site and ministry will do so for your soul.