For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

What the world needs today is the light of Christ’s example reflected from the lives of Christlike men and women.

Ellen G. White


The Rhein-Main International Seventh-day Adventist Church (ISAC) is an English speaking church located in Darmstadt Germany. We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and eagerly await his return. Our members come from around the world, making our body of believers a wonderful mixture of cultures.

Here the Bible comes alive, as we learn through the scriptures the person of Jesus Christ and the mission He was on the earth to accomplish. As the Bible opens to us the personality of Jesus, we see the value and worth of each person in the current days, in which we live. Scripture demonstrates to us the value, which heaven places on personal relationships.

Therefore, the relationship between each believer and the heavenly Father is something we as a church body respect and encourage the development and growth of. The relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ, viewed through the scriptures, is the key element in the life of every Christian. For Christ is the cornerstone of everything.

Preparing ourselves and others for the soon return of Jesus is the goal of our mission work. Each of us is a work in progress, allowing God to restore His image in our hearts, until the time when Christ returns. As such, we study the Bible together throughout the week and prepare for group discussions on the Sabbath.

As in the Bible, we place great value on the Lord’s day of Rest. Since the beginning, God determined that man needed a day off each week to reconnect with Him. The hours of the Sabbath day are biblically unique and set aside for time of communion between the Creator and His created.

Please consider yourself invited to take a day off from your busy week and seek after the Lord, creator of heaven and Earth. It is our hope through your visit to our church, sharing the Sabbath together, that you will begin to enjoy a more abundant life through your relationship with Jesus Christ. We look forward to seeing you soon.